Monthly Giveback

Here at Hungry Ruru, we believe that the life of each person has worth and value because of our Creator. Thus, we strongly believe that we should always do our part to help our neighbours in need!  

So this is how it is going to work –

  1. Colour in the Ruru and/or snap a photo of your little one’s meal and tag @hungryruru when you share on Facebook or Instagram. 
  2. Nominate a charity* that you support!
  3. On the first day of each month, we will choose a winner!

The prize: you will receive a $10 Hungry Ruru gift card valid for 12 months; and the charity of your choice will receive a $10 donation. 

So, get your colouring pencils sharpened and paint brushes ready. Show us how your Ruru looks like!

*NZ charity only please. If you do not have a charity to nominate, we will make the donation towards The Foodbank Project. ⁣

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